Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vermont: Yes to Gay Marriage!

The gold star of the day (maybe the week) goes to Vermont. The Wall Street Journal reports that Vermont has joined the list of states to legalize gay marriage. While the measure has passed the Vermont house and senate, the Republican governor is promising a veto. Regenerates are hoping there will be enough votes to override the veto. Until then, we celebrate "small" victories...

"Gay-marriage supporters in Vermont say they are completing a process that began in 2000 when the state became the first in the country to allow full civil unions for same-sex couples. Since then, four other states, including California and New Jersey, did the same, meaning that at the state level a same-sex couple is treated like a married couple in almost all regards but name. Four other states give gay couples some of the rights enjoyed by married couples, according to Family Equality Council, a gay-rights group.

After Massachusetts, Connecticut and Quebec allowed gay marriage, the mood brightened for advocates in Vermont. "People here have seen what it looks like and realized it doesn't harm anybody," said Shap Smith, the Democratic speaker of Vermont's House of Representatives."

A gold star should also go to the young man in the video above. Such an eloquent argument for a human right!

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