Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank Goodness for Market Forces

By Pilar Oberwetter

Reading of the recent mutiny of 21 prominent nonprofits from United Way of the National Capital Area was much appreciated by this Regenerate, despite frustration that this type of response to our local United Way’s general ineptness was long overdue.

The United Way model is antiquated and inefficient—and certainly not up for the task of funding the nonprofit sector in the 21st century. In addition, the local United Way’s scandal in 2002 further tarnished the already fading image of this organization as a mechanism for giving. The new alliance announced today—taking the name Community1st, and partnering with the innovative America’s Choice fundraising hub—is on track to reinvigorate the momentum for collective giving that has slowed to painful levels as a result of United Way’s incompetence.

For starters, Community1st has total buy-in from the organizations that it will be serving. After all, it was their idea. Ironic to think that a fundraising coalition that is both for the organizations and by the organizations is somehow a novel idea.

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