Friday, May 1, 2009

Pilar's Daily Musing

I am absolutely thrilled that government and the media are working in tandem to prevent the spread of swine flu from reaching pandemic proportions globally. But shouldn’t the same level of urgent attention and resources be applied to other emergencies in this country….such as public education….spread of AIDS….urban poverty….just to mention a few…?


Sonya Behnke said...

Ah Pilar...perhaps all those problems you just mentioned would be considered emergencies if anyone - from any class or background - could "catch" it. I guess we can't apply that to the AIDS epidemic, but perhaps to public education and urban poverty. No?

Pilar Oberwetter said...

Hm. You have a point. But if you look at the depth and breadth of this recession, it could be argued that poverty is somewhat contagious these days. And with the reduction in surplus dollars, private school might not be an option anymore. So, perhaps as these things escalate to "epidemic" proportions, you are proposing that we will see renewed interest in these topics? I sure do hope so.