Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey DC Schools — How about Less Talk and More Action

By Pilar Oberwetter

The Washington Post reported today that Prince George’s County school district in Maryland awarded merit pay to its teachers. This DC resident, and huge advocate for extreme education reform in my city, thinks that the leadership of DCPS should spend less time in the headlines and more time implementing real reforms. They just need to look to their neighbors in Prince George’s and up the road in Baltimore to see examples of Superintendents who focus on implementing their policies rather than just talking about them.

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Anonymous said...

But Baltimore and Prince George's County are far from stellar examples of public school reform. Like DC, they both have quite a long way to go, even if they have tried to implement policies. I do disagree with the lack of real reform/action in DC. But I think there is value in seriously evaluating reforms before implementing them. A bigger mistake would be to jump into a reform with out a full understanding of its implications, and then the reform leaves you in the same place or worse off than before. DC, as do most urban public school systems, needs a large, coordinated, comprehensive reform plan.

-Tamica D.