Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why Being Gay Costs More

The Tax Policy Center and the Williams Institute are collaborating to host an event on December 17th entitled, "The Higher Cost of Being Gay."

The public discourse over same-sex marriage often frames the issue as a primarily social one. It is critical, however, that the economic consequences of same-sex marriage (or the lack thereof) also be understood and publicized.

Even if cold data on taxes overpaid and retirement challenges doesn't change hearts and minds, gay people need to be armed with information to meet these obstacles while continuing to wait for the laws to catch up.

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Zack said...

Way to go Urban. Like Andrew Sullivan often says, citing facts like these will have an impact on most people, once the heated rhetoric is defused and people remember that we are talking about human beings with human needs. I really do think that most people who aren't yet on board with same-sex marriage would still be in favor of eliminating disparities like those noted below. It'll happen, even if change seems to be going at a snail's pace for now.