Friday, August 28, 2009

Children of Immigrants in the US

By Karina Fortuny

The Urban Institute just released a new data tool with information on the 16 million children in the United States that have foreign-born parents (that’s one in five kids!).

This tool makes it possible to build charts and tables about children including their citizenship, race and ethnicity, the education of their parents, and family income. You can also look at children across immigrant origin -- from South America to Africa to the West Indies -- or see how they fare relative to children with U.S.-born parents.

Did you know, for example, that 18% of children with immigrant parents live with a single parent versus 30% of children with U.S.-born parents? Or that in Maryland while only 7% of children of immigrants are poor that share jumps up to 34% in Texas?

To find out more information, check out The Urban Institute's complementary report, “Children of Immigrants: National and State Characteristics” that highlights national data on these children and variations across states.

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