Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surfing the Net of Global Giving

By Guy Ragosta, President of Surfing Medicine International 501(c)(3)

Thanks to the internet, programs like have allowed charities the opportunity to put all their eggs in one basket. Through such websites, magazines, TV shows, and newspapers are able to direct their subscribers to a variety of international 501(c)(3) organizations. These prospective donors can surf, select, and donate to organizations that best fit their giving priorities.

For thousands of start-up charities like Surfing Medicine International, websites like can help raise dollars without restrictions that TV advertisers, with a cookie- cutter marketing culture restricted to wealthy companies, often demand.

At Surfing Medicine International, we bring together the science of bioremediation with the knowledge of traditional healers and the power of original music from guitar legends like John Butler and creators of Rocksteady music like The Soul Vendors.

Click the widget below to see how is helping our charity promote projects that help people with cancer and HIV/AIDS in Hawaii, Jamaica, and Ghana.

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