Thursday, March 5, 2009

Confused and Cowardly Nation

By Ihotu Ali

Does anyone really know what socialism is... or isn't? Honestly, I feel as though we are a nation of confused, as well as cowardly, souls. Maybe this article will be enlightening. Or at least, it may incite us to consider the real forces in this economic situation, rather than mimic the talking heads on DTV.

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Ina Katherine said...

Thanks for posting that link Kehinde. I really enjoyed the message in the Op-ed. I've been so frustrated for months with all of the rhetoric being thrown about to liken Obama's democratic agenda to socialism. Clearly not.

I like the phrase he used in the beginning - the democratization of capitalism. Capitalism, as a system, not only creates winners and losers, but sustains itself via this dichotomy and I like the idea that policy can mitigate the plight of the losers without detracting from overall societal gains.