Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nonprofit Bailout, for Who?

Written By: Cecilia Fong

Are We Prepared for a Nonprofit Bailout?

David Scadden, M.D. wrote “. . . philanthropic money is what fuels the most innovative work” in yesterday’s Express under a small Discussions piece entitled, “Stem Cell Funding.” As much as I love this quote, it got me wondering about donations and causes with today’s economy.

Although where or to whom the donation goes is ultimately up to the donor, can we prioritize the needs that currently exist? What if this “donation” or as some like to call it this “investment” comes from the government? How and where should it go? Which nonprofits should receive “life-saving” monies? Which nonprofits are essential to the fabric of (American) life? Should we rank the nonprofits trying to address the problem’s of today’s society? Do we give to those that have the greatest need in today’s economic downturn, such as shelters and food pantries? Do we give to those that are in jeopardy of dissolving due to lack of funds? Do we give to those that have the most transparency and operate under good governance? Do we give to those that may provide us with the chance of a better future? I guess, my question is, if the nonprofit sector were to receive a financial bailout package, which organizations or causes would or should be included? What do you think?

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