Monday, March 2, 2009

You Wanted a Vacation, Not a Pink Slip

Nonprofit organizations have a hard enough time recruiting and retaining young workers. Now, Bob Herbert tells us that, "Nearly 2.2 million young people, ages 16 through 29, have already lost their jobs in this recession."

In his latest New York Times opinion piece, Herbert writes:
"There were not enough jobs to go around before the recession took hold. So the young, the poor and the poorly educated were already suffering. Now that pool of suffering is rapidly expanding.

This has ominous long-term implications for the country. The economy cannot perform well with such a large cohort of young people condemned to marginal economic status."
So what are these new young, unemployed going to do? I'm guessing they're will be a great proliferation of blogs and quite a few more twenty-something one-woman or one-man consulting firms.

The nonprofit sector may still offer more job security than much of the private sector, but my gut tells me lag-time is the only thing working in our favor now. Once individual, corporate, and foundation giving fully contracts as books turn over into their next respective fiscal years, this will hit nonprofit bottom lines just as hard.

Hold onto your hats, young nonprofiteers.

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Pilar Oberwetter said...

So what you are saying is that this is as good a time as any to remind Bob Herbert as well as my fellow regenerates that Obama's presidency offers a solution...

Scroll down to the first post on this blog. See the TFA reference. Now imagine this same approach, this same recognation of the passion of the younger generations, this same creative thrust being applied to service opportunities in any and all fields in the nonprofit sector. This is the potential implied by Obama's vision....