Sunday, March 1, 2009

"So What's New?"

A reader reminds us:

What is going unspoken in this wave of unemployment and foreclosure and trips to the local church's food pantry for America's middle class is that there are literally millions of people who live with these same realities every day, regardless of how the stock market is doing. 

Thanks for the shout-out to folks like me in the nonprofit social service agencies that are doing (and will, God willing, continue to do) more with less. But let's not forget about those folks who are looking around at this mess our country is in and say, "So, what's new?" Let's not forget that the reason many of us social servicey types got into our work was to serve the poorest of the poor. And that while a whole new group of people are hurting as a result of the economy's collapse, it's the poorest of the poor who need the biggest shout-out of all.

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